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Yabbadabbado! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09-28-05 @ 6:40pm]
can you say "fuck."? i can.
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I do da cha-cha [09-17-05 @ 4:42pm]
i finally learned how to do the cha-cha.

i got to see my other half after school for a few hours; pure bliss...

i went to the lely homecoming game; i bought a whole bunch of stuff to show my lely pride... all for a dollar apiece. SHWEET.

i spent the night at chanthony's house and went to the wafflehouse around 6:30 on 2 1/2 hours of sleep; can you say "OVERTIRED"?!

pj intentionally pushed me into the pool (fully clothed); i dragged her in with me. we wrestled later on in the day... i lost every single time; how embarrassing.

i did about 160 sit-ups between yesterday and today.

i'm sore; ow.

i lost my last tongue ring.

i have a new friend. his name is bob...

"loverboy" is my new favourite word.
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2/4, 3/4, 4/4 [09-15-05 @ 7:12pm]
recap of the week:

hung out with james, kyle, and valli; do the words "wreaked" and "havoc" mean anything to you?

i was sick enough to stay home from school.
i started my drum lessons; so far so good.

see monday.

early release; need i say more?

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2005/09/07 [09-08-05 @ 6:30pm]
...i'm having writer's block.

oh. i know...

happy birthday to me.
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